OnePlus is a new Chinese smart phone company making some good-looking smart phones with highest specs ever. OnePlus Two have a glossy finish on display with a home key and two touch reactive keys. OnePlus two have finger print sensor embedded on the home key for high security. OnePlus two have a 5.5 inch Full HD LTPS LCD display with 401 ppi pixel density protected with corning Gorilla Glass 4 protection. OnePlus Two at heart is very powerful with two quad-core processor with 64 bit architecture with 3 GB of RAM for 16 GB model and 4 GB RAM with 32 GB model for best performance on any smart phone ever. At back this phone have 13 MP shooter camera capable of shooting 2K HD videos at 30 frame per second and a 5 MP camera at front. OnePlus released a new type of USB cable Type C with its “Two” smart phone which can be connected in both ways.

OnePlus Two

OnePlus Two comes pre-loaded with Android 5.1 Lollipop based Oxygen 2.0 OS which delivers a clean and simple UI with high performance. If you also really don’t know why this firmware is popular on internet with as much suppleness like me, then you should read this whole article properly. Here you will get to know about 8 most popular custom ROMs to ditch Oxygen OS with some cool looking interfaces then stay tuned to me.

These things you should have in mind while installing any custom ROM on your phone.:

  • You should have your hone rooted and install a custom ROM on you phone.
  • How to install TWRP on OnePlus Two.
  • All your data will get wiped during installation of a custom ROM, so you should know what to do before it.
  • Make sure that you charge your hone to 70% before start the installation of custom ROM.

Hydrogen OS 1.1.0:

Hydrogen OS is official OnePlus official firmware which features a cool interface which more look like MIUI with a clock widget on home screen. These clock widgets on the Home screen is highly customize-able with lots of custom and system wallpapers.


Features: Android 5.1 Lollipop based, fast and fluid user interface, custom kernel for better performance, pre-rooted, busy  box installed, double tab home button to open notification bar, de-bloated (bloat ware removed) to save space and RAM for better performance.

Download Hydrogen OS 1.1.0

Team Razor 5.1.1:

Team Razor 5.1.1 is obviously based on Android 5.1.1 Lollipop and Cyanogen Mod builds. This custom ROM is light and fast, it just have the basic features of Android 5.1 Lollipop and interface. Team Razor also added some useful features to this custom ROM.

Features: Slim recents, live display, ambient display, navigation bar customization, PIE control, clock widget, gesture lock-screen, large lock pattern for lock-screen, privacy guard, gesture typing, battery saver heads up notifications, advanced reboot menu.

Team Razor ROM

Download Team Razor 5.1.1


BlissPop ROM is purely based on Cyanogen mod builds and stay updated with the latest Cyanogen Mod build whichever is available. Bliss pop ROM is well-known for its smoothness and fast performance and fast multi tasking. This custom ROM is the best for you if you want a simple looking interface on your phone.

Bliss Pop 3.7

Features: Status bar customization, clock and date options, Brightness control, navigation and hardware key options, double tap to sleep, home power buttons, left-handed mode, memory bar, clear all tasks button, slim recents, omni switch, quick-setting options, slim actions tile menu.

Download BlissPop ROM

ApeXperia CM 12.1:

As the name suggest this custom ROM is Sony Xperia Z5 themed with most of the official Sony Xperia Z5 apps and features. This custom ROM is CM 12.1 based and look exactly like Sony Xperia Z5 User interface with Xperia particle effect on lock screen.

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Features: Xperia Z5 System UI, album, music, videos, key board, my settings, calendar, photo editor, clock, sketch, track ID, weather app, Z5 care, contacts, wallpaper, social life, life log and last but not the least Sony Xperia Z5 home screen launcher.

Download ApeXperia CM 12.1

Resurrection Remix 5.5:

Resurrection Remix 5.5 custom ROM is a remix of CM 12.1 custom ROM builds and new improved useful and unique features for more smoothness and performance. This custom ROM is very much stable, fast and light to full fill all your needs on your phone.

Resurrection Remix ROM

Features: Enable/disable navigation bar, navigation bar ring targets, brightness slider, status bar clock and date customization, notification bar customization, pre rooted, PIE controls, anywhere gestures, lock screen short cuts and back light timer.

Download Resurrection Remix 5.5

Temasek CM 12.1 ROM:

Temasek custom ROM is based on CM 12.1 build and very simple custom ROM with no extra features and bloat wares. This custom ROM have custom kernel for high performance, smooth interface and ultimate multitasking without even a single lag.

Features: Customizable status bar, navigation bar and notification bar, re assign hardware keys, control music with volume rocker keys, Lock screen customization, lock screen shortcuts.

Temasek ROM

Download Temasek CM 12.1 ROM

Paranoid Android ROM:

Paranoid Android custom ROM is highly customize-able custom ROM. You can customize your phone’s lock screen wallpaper to loading bar and from status bar to navigation bar of this custom ROM. This custom ROM also features two modes, tablet mode and phone mode.

Paranoid Android

Features: Android 5.1 Lollipop based, customize-able navigation bar, notification bar and status bar, hardware keys on/off, navigation bar on/off, blacklist, touch outside behavior, volume panel layout, volume keys music control while locked device.

Download Paranoid Android ROM

crDroid ROM:

crDroid custom ROM is basic Android 5.1 Lollipop based ROM with simple and stock features without any bloat wares. This custom ROM gives you only performance nothing else, more RAM will make your phone faster than ever and more free space with smooth multitasking.


Features: clear recents location, heads up notification, quick access button on extended nav bar, swipe behavior, time out, do not disturb, black list, slim PIE controls, super user indicator, power menu and notification tiles, four tiles per row, omni-ambient display, kill all app button configuration timeout.

Download crDroid ROM

Wrapping up

Whatever custom ROM you choose, make sure you choose on the basis of your usage. For example, if you play games so much then you should use a light ROM which is not themed and don’t have any special feature.

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