It seems Samsung has taken a leaf out of Microsoft’s book by offering a similar credit deal that would see the owners of the Galaxy Note 3 end up with $50 Google Play money to spend in the store online. That’s arguably better than any Microsoft deal that we have seen lately too, because with the Redmond company, it’s normally in-store credit that you have to arrive for. With Android’s online application place being such a huge space, the little green robot company hit them right where it hurts.

This offer will be from now all the way through to January the 6th. The great thing about this is that it doesn’t have to be for people who have just bought or are buying it today or in future. The offer extends to anybody that has purchased one up until this day. To redeem your credit you have to follow the link at the bottom and then get your special unique code. When you enter that code it will give you the card.

This offer is for people inside of the United States only. That still amounts to over 5 million people this offer extends out to.

Via: Samsung