The Wiko Darkmoon is a budget smartphone that comes with one of the most catchy names we have seen in a while. It comes with the MediaTek MT6582 SoC under the hood, which isn’t bad power. However, the 1 GB of RAM might be testing a few people. If you want to try increasing the performance of your Wiko Darkmoon device, you should try rooting it and removing as many system apps as you can. Additionally, you might be interested in installing some new ROMs that are known to have better performance and make the most of that lack of power under the hood.

Files You Need

Lewa OS

There is an official Lewa OS team out there who make some nice custom ROMs. However, this is an unofficial build that has nothing to do with the official team. Sometimes that doesn’t mean all that much apart from you cannot expect the official team to give you help since they had nothing to do with making this ROM. One thing you need to know about this custom ROM is that it requires you to install CWM recovery as your custom recovery.

Features: Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, comes with a built-in Ad blocker, comes pre-rooted and with its own SuperSU installed and enabled, Zip-aligned APKs, modified CPU and internal system, Access To the Mediatek MTK English Mode, init.d support, power saving mode, WiFi and network tweaks.

Download: Unofficial Lewa OS


Though another unofficial ROM, the ColorOS is great and is probbaly our number one pick for you to try on the list. It’s based on Oppo’s “fresh take” on Android and comes with features that are far different from your regular OS that came with the Wiko device out of the box.


Features: based on Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, comes with support for more languages, Launcher has its own live weather effects, smooth performance, fast performance, mobile data tracker, Theme manager, Power manager, many of Oppo’s features, SuperSU and rooted, a unique Music Player, new notification panel, custom gestures and more.

Download: ColorOS Unofficial ROM

CyanogenMod 11

Once again, this is an unofficial build, but you won’t find any official build available for the Wiko Darkmoon. The ROM itself will come with most of the same features you get with CyanogenMod 11, but you don’t get any support from the official CyanogenMod team. You also need to have CWM recovery installed as your custom recovery for this ROM to install properly.

Features: has work done by the CyanogenMod team, OMNI ROM team, Mr Illusionist and others, is based on Android 4.4.4 KitKat, many CyanogenMod 11 features.

Download: Unofficial CyanogenMod 11

CyanogenMod 12.1

We have another unofficial build coming from CyanogenMod, this time with the newer CyanogenMod 12.1. As the numbers go up, the features get better and the ROM is newer. Therefore, anyone wanting the newer version of the unofficial CyanogenMod custom ROM should go for the 12.1 version.


Features: visual changes, new wallpapers, new features, LiveDisplay, new LCD Density, a new notification manager, lockscreen visualizer, ambient display, new gestures, the ability to show search bar in the recents menu, the ROM does not come pre-rooted any more.

Download: CyanogenMod 12.1


The MIUI ROM is very unique in the XIAOMI range of smartphones and tablets. Many people have no interest buying the devices, but would love to test out the similar ROM. Now you WIko Darkmoon owners can do just that. Note that the features listed below for the MIUI V5 ROM are taken from the official MIUI V5 ROM made by Xiaomi and not all features might be included in this custom ROM made for the Wiko Darkmoon that has been put together with third-party developers in their spare time.


Features: double-tap on lockscreen to switch to music player mode, FTP file transfer with the MIUI file manager Explorer, silent repeated calls from same numbers, stores files on SD card, new notification layout by bar style, desktop mode available in the MIUI native browser, ability to set a data usage limit, night mode from the browser, twilight mode and more.

Download: MIUI V5 ROM