The latest firmware to hit the Xperia Z3 Dual smartphone is ready and rolling out over the air. The new build number is 23.0.F.1.82 and it comes for the D6633 variant.  You can check the model number by switching the phone on and navigating to the ‘Settings’ followed by ‘About Phone.’ The fresh iteration is on the Android 4.4.4 KitKat number and it is one of the last releases we see before the Android 5.0 Lollipop comes out.

Those of you suffering from a bad camera with lag will be happy to learn that this installment comes with a fix for that issue. The camera is far superior to that of the old build. In addition to the camera improvements, users will find YOTA SIM support, battery enhancements, bug fixes and more. You may recall the “Baidu” folder scare last week as some are claiming it as spyware coming in from China. Sony released a statement after they received word of the potential threat in the Japanese phone-makers ecosystem. The folder is difficult to remove and regularly pings the Chinese servers. Anyhow, Sony reassured it’s users that no personal data is pining back to the “Baidu” folder. Nevertheless, that hasn’t stopped countless Xperia phone users still wanting it gone and rumor has it that the new build number does remove the folder.


As long as you have the Xperia Z2 Dual handset, you can navigate over to the settings > About phone > Software Updates and check when the update is ready for installation that way. Furthermore, users can download and install the Sony PC Companion if they don’t have it already and check if it’s ready that way.

Official software updates do not result in data loss unless something goes wrong during the installation such as they phone freezing or running out of battery power. These cases often result in requiring a factory reset. Factory resets will wipe the data. Therefore, it’s important to back up using an application such as Helium from the Google Play Store. Make copies of the phone contacts, SMS texts, pictures, videos,  music files plus any other data you don’t want to risk losing.