If you own the 2014 Moto X “Pure Edition” you are finding a new software update arriving over the air. The build number is 22.21.11 and it brings the latest Android 5.0 Lollipop. Lollipop comes with the Material Design UI, battery saving mode, lock screen notifications, Smart Lock, better security, connectivity for Android Wear, Device sharing, multi-tasking menu, new toggles, white background app drawer, faster and smoother ROM and more. It keeps the same white status bar icons from KitKat.

The Smart Lock feature sets safe location values where it remembers the users preferences and unlocks the handset automatically without the user having to pin in the details of the password. Passwords are important to keep our personal data safe but there also comes a time where we are sick of typing them in all day. Here is the first bit of technology for making our lives easier in that regard. Moreover, notifications comes with “priority” mode where users can allow for incoming calls from their favorite contacts. Notifications see further enhancing yet again, with people being able to view and dismiss notifications they don’t want to interact with while working.

Lollipop Moto X

The new Lollipop 22.21.11 firmware is rolling out to customers in periods, meaning no two people are finding it at the same time. Hopefully yours arrives today, but if it doesn’t it may be tomorrow or later during the week. It doesn’t miss any devices so be patient while waiting. You can anytime stopover at Settings > About Device > Software Update and check for the updates that way. Try installing the file using a WiFi connection and not the mobile data plan since the network is receiving high traffic from others downloading the same software update. Furthermore, you’ll find the WiFi downloads quicker and it avoids any unwanted mobile data charges. The total MB’s of the download will come off your usual allowance for the month.

Previously, owners could only try out the new 5.0 firmware by side-loading the zip file from the soak tests. That is only a test build where this is the official build from Android. That means you’ll find it running much smoother and with less bugs. As always, the first installment of a large jump up in software comes with some inevitable bugs in the system. We are already witnessing Android 5.0.1 Lollipop arrive for the 2013 Nexus 7 and the Nexus 10. Others devices will surly find the OTA soon.

Those who prefer to do things by the technology book should backup the data before starting. Google Drive offer a free limited amount of space in the cloud for those of you who are short of internal memory.

We’ve included a video bonus from YouTube of Lollipop running on the Moto X. Click the start button to begin watching the clip.