The PTCRB website has issued certification for a pristine 19.1.1.C.0.56 firmware for the Sony Xperia T2 Ultra Dual smartphone. According to reports, it is coming for the D5322 and XM50h models. There is no word on a software update coming OTA for the single SIM versions of the same name. Nevertheless, don’t be shocked if we see them coming in the following few weeks.

It is a mystery what firmware this is until we see further news breaking on the matter. The T2 is running Android 4.4.2 KitKat with cloud printing, white status bar icons, transparent status and navigation bars, new Location menu, immersive mode, color emoji and full screen album and movie art from the lock screen. In addition, Sony bring’s some unique features of the Sony products such as Album and Movies from Sony Entertainment Network, smart social camera, cloud saving support for WALKMAN and more. Moreover, there’s support for SmatWear Experience for the SmartBand SWR10 and the Lifelog app.

Xperia Z Ultra

The final 4.4.3 and 4.4.4 stages focus on patches for security, bug fixes, performance improvements and a revamped phone dialer.

All owners of these handsets should keep an eye on the notification bar for the new OTA software update. Simply tap the ‘Download’ option when it presents itself to begin the installation. We do not recommend starting until you are back at home around a stable WiFi connection. That way you can steer clear of using up the mobile data. If the Kitkat update doesn’t reach your device you can navigate to the Settings > About Phone and then tap the Software Updates’ menu. Proceed to hit the ‘check now for updates’ key and it will ping back the results.

You should know that these updates roll out in stages and therefore nobody can predict exactly when it will arrive to your smartphone or tablet. We do know that when it starts rolling it can take a matter of days or even weeks depending on the specific release and how many people it needs to find.

There’s no need to start checking yet since we are not expecting the first person to begin seeing this for some time from now. However, when you do see it, please leave a comment and tell us what version you are using from the “About us” menu on your Android-based Xperia device.