As long as you don’t mind filling out your phone number to connect, Whatsapp deliverers a user experience not many other text message applications can. We just finished writing about the update competitor Viber issued, and now it’s time to take a gander at what Mark Zuckerberg’s favorite text message app does for us in its latest update namely the 2.11.395 build.

The new build number provides a sizeable update that brings in a bevy of new features including sharing group icons, profile pictures, altering the message history number for longer log files, Camera shortcuts for ultra-efficient photos, paying for the service from multiple accounts and more. Additionally, the fix is in for the sending flag emoji on Sony Xperia smartphones and tablets, voice recording volume levels and a fresh Hindi language option available to select for all devices running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and above.


If you are not running Android Jelly Bean yet and are still stuck on ice Cream Sandwich or even worse the Gingerbread, it’s time to start thinking about updating your handsets as many apps will struggle with compatibility with some features. You can always navigate to Settings > About Device and check for system software updates that way, just in case there is an over the air update ready and waiting for installation that you didn’t know about.

WhatsApp featured in the news a lot this year, including yesterday when the Facebook purchase confirmed European commission approval. It brought Android Wear support out of the beta stages in late August, became banned in Iran during May and collected over 500,000,000 serves during April of 2014. As I mentioned before if you haven’t given it a shot, now is the time as long as you have friends using the service. Without any contacts it isn’t fun.

Download the direct links for WhatsApp 2.11.395 APk files here.