What’s New does as the name suggests and keeps Sony users up to date with anything that’s new on their devices. Whether it be music, movies, games and other entertainment ideas, the Japanese phone makers application will let you know when there’s something worth reading. Today, the app is updated to version 1.4.A.0.0 and it removes the shortcut for vertical swipe gestures. Users are complaining about the swiping feature getting in the way since it is in the same place as Google Now. That could be what lead to the eventual removal in the latest version.

Furthermore, users will find “more information” for all of their entertainment the app delivers from games, music, movies and apps. You can find the latest iteration from the Update Center from your Xperia smartphone and tablets. Now’s a great time to start using the app if you aren’t already. It’s free to download and everything to use is also free. There is no registration.

Z3 Compact

Those of you with root access may wish to try the Sony Xperia Z2 What’s new app that works for all devices running Android 4.1.2 Jelly bean and up. You can find the official XDA thread here.

Are you using the latest version? What do you think of the removal? Is it better or did you prefer the old way? Please let us know in the comment what you think.

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