TerrariaI would like to know what is the best sword in Terraria for slicing through the ore. Resolution:

Terraria is popular among many gamers because it blends gameplay that has friendliness to it with an abundance of combat and weaponry. In Terraria you need weapons to defeat enemies and in particular the bosses. Like with all things in Terraria, weapons need to be crafted. You can craft weapons using a workbench or pre-hardmode/hardmode anvil.

The most common weapon to use in Terraria is the sword. That’s because there are 98 different swords in total you can potentially use. Of those 98, 11 are shortswords while the remaining 87 are classified as broadswords.

Best Sword in Terraria

The most powerful sword in Terraria that will help you cut through the ore and other crafting materials with ease is the Zenith sword, though there are many swords of similar strength and you may prefer some that are less powerful due to their rareness, and most importantly, being rarer than others.

The Zenith sword is said to be the most powerful, but it’s also extremely difficult to craft. To make A Zenith sword you will need a copper shortsword, enchanted sword, horseman’s blade, Influx Waver, meowmere, seedler, starfury, star wrath, and a terra blade. As you could imagine, if you were able to piece together all of those materials, you would expect a rather strong sword to come out of them.