ChromiumWhen I open Task Manager in Windows, I notice the qtwebengineprocess process running. I have considered ending the task to help free up resources for my memory and CPU so they can be used on other things. I also wonder if it might be a virus that needs to be deleted. Resolution: 

The QtWebEngine is a necessary part of the Windows operating system. Its purpose is to enhance the Chromium web browser that Microsoft Edge utilizes. You may not know this process from previous Windows versions because Windows having a browser based on Chromium only started a few years after Windows 10 was released. If you don’t use Microsoft Edge, there’s a good chance you use Google Chrome or another Chromium-based browser anyway, so you should always keep the qtwebengineprocess process on your computer.

Anything associated with browsers can use up resources. Don’t be concerned if the qtwebengineprocess task is using lots of memory. As good as Google Chrome is, one of its drawbacks is that it has historically always used a lot of resources. There is no way around that still to date. Eventually, the hardware capabilities of a computer will make such processes not seem so resource-intensive.

In conclusion, qtwebengineprocess is not a Windows component but rather one associated with Chromium-based web browsers. Microsoft Edge is a Chromium-based browser and will use the qtwebengineprocess process to enhance its features. Thus, if you remove the qtwebengineprocess task from Task Manager, you negatively affect the way your Edge browser functions. That said, since it is not technically a Windows component, it can be deleted if absolutely necessary. If you feel your qtwebengineprocess.exe task is suspcious, run an antimalware scan and see if the malware removal tool chooses to remove it. This is a better option than removing it yourself.