The Japanese phone-maker has a Sony Xperia Live Walkman smartphone and a Walkman application available to download from the Google Play store. The app is witnessing an update today that moves the firmware version to 8.5.A.0.6 and it’s one the music lovers won’t want to miss. The new iteration comes with Android Wear support, allowing the Sony line of smartwatches to further communicate with the app. Now you can  control music playback from the smartwatch. Furthermore, you can create and upload playlists to the Android wear smartwatch.

Smartwatch 3

In addition to the aforementioned features, you also get bug fixes and performance improvements making it outshine the last 8.4.A.5.4 firmware version. You’ll find the update coming in OTA to the Update center. Otherwise look for the direct link below. Those preferring to air on the side of caution can back up the existing market apps using Helium from Google Play.

Those looking for something extra may wish to check out the Music Widget for Walkman. Additionally you can download the Walkman version 8.5.A.0.6 media Fire here, Mega here or Dev Host here.