Sony tries hard with its media and music applications and I think none shines brighter than Sony’s Walkman app. Walkman updates to version 8.4.A.1.4, and while only small, it manages to bring in some aesthetically pleasing design changes.

The first feature you will discover is that the name is no longer in capital letters. I don’t know what possessed Sony to spell it “WALKMAN” first off. My original thought was that it was breaching patent grounds on the old music players we would listen to growing up before CD players came out. However, none of that is confirmed and likely will remain for chatter behind closed doors. The good news is that they have come to their senses and taken away the capital letters so we don’t have to forcefully apply bad English in our writing anymore.

Sony Xperia S


In addition to this, you will notice is the new arrow showcased beneath the track that is playing. If you click the arrow it brings up a new menu showcasing additional options and giving users a chance to pin it to playlists for future listening. That’s great idea number one successfully implemented. Moreover, the users get to share it socially with friends so they can listen and there’s even a new option to set the song as a ringtone so it starts playing when you receive the next phone call.

Furthermore, the new addition of the Walkman application for Xperia smartphones has a new feature called “My Library.” No, this is not for books, but rather a new way of entering the Artists, Tracks and Album list in a more cohesive and user-friendly manner. if I remember correctly, we first saw the three titles appear in a previous build namely 8.3.A.0.7.

The new iteration comes to us only 11.4MB in size so there’s no reason people can’t download it using the mobile data. However, a stable WiFi connection minimizes any potential threats.

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