A fresh VS98511C Android 4.4.2 KitKat update is rolling out OTA for the LG G3 subscribers on the Verizon network. Therefore, as long as you are subscribed to the aforementioned phone carrier network you will begin seeing this update arriving, regardless of the retail outlet you purchased the phone from. The new build comes with improved battery life, better cell phone reception with the phone towers and comes with the overall file size of 200 MB making it software worth upgrading. According to the official page it’s “increase device speed for user experience” and “increase network connectivity” in their own words respectively. Moreover, the same build comes with the camera shortcut available from the lock screen. It’s remarkable it’s taken this long for that one feature since we have been writing about countless other smartphones receiving the same thing months ago. Nonetheless, it’s better now than never at all.

Since the file is so large, we want to tap into the home WiFi network and not the mobile data plan. Lots of users will be doing the same thing as you and that means high data traffic until the masses are already running the VS98511C firmware version. Furthermore, you should find faster data speeds from home and thus the download will take less time overall to complete.


We already know the G3 running the 4.4.2 number since that’s how it arrived out of the box. However, note that this is not a typo, and we have an additional incremental rollout on the same number but carrying a different build number.

Despite the fact that most G3 owners are patiently waiting for the Android 5.0 Lollipop, it’s worth checking out this minor incremental update if you want a smoother and faster ROM coupled with the aforementioned features such as the better battery performance.

You should understand that the build rolls out in stages to everyone with Verizon and there’s no way to calculate when it’s coming in for you. Don’t worry if the OTA notification hasn’t arrived yet since it will eventually. If you chose to put the download on hold for a later date you want to navigate over to the Settings > Software Updates and install it manually that way. Those of you running with root access will not find this arriving over the air since it doesn’t pick up on the signals unless you are running stock firmware. However, if you can locate the file you can install the same firmware manually.

The ‘Big Red’ didn’t provide us with any change-log this time so we are only going on what we hear from our readers and around the web. Please leave a comment if you have anything to add to the story from your own experience including any newfangled features we left out.

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