If you are a subscriber to the Big Red and own the Life’s Good LG G2 smartphone you should keep your eyes peeled for a new Android 4.4.2 KitKat update rolling out over the air today. The software update will continue rolling until it finds all customers with the device. It can take several days or even weeks for that to happen.

Inside users will find plenty of new features. All up there is nine enhancements, 17 GMS updates and 14 application updates. You can read what they all are from the official changelog and support page here. Those of you in Puerto Rico have improved connectivity when roaming, partnered networks have 4G LTE global data roaming available, video calls come with a data counter so users can see how much bandwidth they are using and My Verizon Mobile comes with advanced calling. Furthermore, consumers are finding Advanced calling 1.0 opt-in available, HD Voice and HD video calls come with extra stability, Google Mobile services application is updated and ISIS Wallet is replaced with softcard.


The highlights include the name ISIS taken away from anything within the service and video calls coming with a data counter. For those who don’t know already, the video content takes up a great deal of the available mobile data. Since most people come on a mobile data plan or at least a limited amount, it’s wise to know how much you are using or else you could have used up all the data way before you realize. Because videos are showing you a picture, it’s always going to use heaps of data. It’s no different if you were to download a movie compared to a song. Although streaming video comes more efficiently than downloading, it’s still chewing up more than most other options.

The new software version keeps the same Android 4.4.4 KitKat name which we know for traditionally coming with a Google security patch for the OpenSSL security and a revamped phone dialer with new font and blue color.

With all the aforementioned features coming to you OTA in this package, it’s best you stay away from using the mobile data. Instead use a WiFi connection for downloading the file. That way you skip any unnecessary data charges and you stay away from the high traffic over the network. There is no official file size from the support PDF.

Those of you erring on the side of caution can back up the phone data such as phone contacts, pictures, music and videos using the built-in backup option. Otherwise try installing a third-party application from the Google Play Store. There are heaps available. All you have to do is enter what you are looking for to the Google Play search bar and wait for the results page.

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