If you own the LG G vista and are a subscriber to the Verizon phone carrier network, you ought to keep a look out for a new message alerting you of a new Android 4.4.2 KitKat update arriving OTA. The new software update comes with the firmware build number of VS88011B and it is arriving any time between now and the new few days. No official rollout time is suggested in the post, but we know all over the air updates rollout in periods to the customers.

What we do have is a list of features inside the update thanks to the official changelog page here. It comes with increased device speed, better network connectivity, increased performance for, call floating pop-up and the lock screen camera button. Simply swipe the camera button left to get access to the camera application. That’s where the details end from Verizon Wireless.

G Vista

Since we deal with software updates all the time, you should understand that it’s always better to tap the “download now” option followed by “install’ when you are at home and connecting to a WiFi system. The mobile data is the secondary option since it comes with unwanted data charges and high traffic. The high traffic can cause disruptions with your installment. When that happens, sometimes we must choose to do a factory reset and data loss occurs. If you are opting to go with the mobile data, always make a backup using Google Drive or another service such as Helium first.

Furthermore, there are two options you chose from before starting. If you want to ignore the notification when it arrives you can do that and stopover at the Settings > About Device > Software Updates > Check For Updates and begin the installation manually. That’s what you want when away from the WiFi.

As usual, we are always interested in your comments and thoughts n the matter. Are you using the latest iteration already. It is everything you hoped? Leave us a comment down below and we’ll check it out.

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