The Cupertino company unveiled the Apple iWatch toward the beginning of September 2014, and since then, it’s still yet to appear on the market. We are just weeks away from the release now and it’s time to ramp things up a bit for potential buyers. Since the new smartwatch by Apple isn’t cheap, the official team are making a new website which anyone can visit and try out the watch face. It’s like having the digital watch display on your computer screen and you can click the mouse to press the buttons.

The new features gives a great representation of what the watch would be like to wear on your wrist. You get to try out all the features, test the layout of the operating system, see what’s available from the home screen and more. It was only yesterday I was reading about how the CEO of the largest online news website was saying the Apple Watch will flop.

Apple Watch red
While I’m obviously not on the same level, I’m not predicting that at all. I’m a believer in the new-age watch and I’m struggling to understand why we aren’t looking at a standard watch of the future. The common thought is that they are too expensive. However, I’m browsing through surf shops and other fashionable places that sell normal watches, and the prices are in the same range. Why would I buy a standard watch that does nothing but tick when I can pay the same amount for a smartwatch? Unless the general views is they are really geeky and not cool enough. I’m failing to see how this one flops.

As it stands today, there is still no official release date. While many are believing it’s only weeks away, some are still thinking it’s happening in the second half of the year. We do know that the fruit company are not in any hurry to let this one hit the open market. The last time we saw this happen was with the Google Glass. While stalls aren’t so severe yet with the watch, it’s already raising concerns about how Apple is perceiving the device will fend in the wild.

All you have to do is click the link here at and the front page is the details you are looking for.

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