The Facebook IPO has just been and gone, in which the hooded sweater wearing Mark Zuckerberg hosted. For those unaware it means the public can now start buying Facebook shares. The shares themselves will go for $38 US dollars. The shares will go on sale as of tomorrow. The Facebook IPO is expected to make up and above the $16 million range which would account for 25% of the entire company.

The Facebook IPO of $16 billion smashes all previous records. To give you a general idea, the leader previous to this in the tech sector was Google whose total topped out at $1.7 billion and followed by Yahoo with $1.3 billion. And it ranks second on a US scale, only to be surpassed by VISA.


The Facebook IPO is expected to make roughly 1,000 millionaires overnight. Just one thing to be weary of, if you think having a share will mean having your say, your wrong. In a previously signed statement by Mark Zuckerberg it clearly addresses the matter, and explains that he will continue to operate the company as if it were a private company.

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