T-Mobile subscribers are starting to see a new Android 4.4.4 KitKat update arrive over the air namely 14.4.B.0.37 firmware. The new build offers device stability improvements, WiFi calling enhancements, better phone reception, improved audio and touch screen experience.

KitKat is already made famous for having white status bar icons, cloud printing, transparent status and navigation bars, a new landscape keyboard, additional Emoji support, full screen album on the lock screen, full screen movie art on the lock screen and immersive mode. In addition, it is compatible with Sony’s Smartband SWR10 wearable technology.

Xperia Z1

The file size is 800MB; therefore, we recommend downloading and installing it over a stable home WiFi connection. Doing so will mean less chance of reception dropping out and it will use the home data and not the mobile data plan.

We have spoken to people who have already gone ahead with the installation and some report lag problems. One person also says that Google services are running but slightly off. It that happens to you it is best to restore factory settings and apply a full factory reset. However, before you do, make sure that you backup all the personal data or else it will be wiped with no way of getting it back again.

As you may know, the updates roll out in stages so it will take some time before it finds your inbox. When it does arrive, it will give a notification. From there you can choose to install it straight away or put it on hold for a later date. if you choose to install it later you will need to navigate your way to Settings > About phone > Software updates > Check for software updates and install it from there. It will not come back as a notification twice.

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