When we first started working online in the blogosphere, I began writing for a guy who I am still in contact with today and will forever be a pretty good friend of mine. He showed me a website called Mashable and one of the advertisements that were located in the sidebar and said “Mercedes” on it. He said when you get a site this big you get to sell advertisements like that one for a million dollars a month.

Technically his gestimation wasn’t that far off if we were talking about today. Mashable would make a lot of money annually, but they wouldn’t have been making much back in 2011. And the chances of getting an independent publication to that size if you haven’t got there already is slim.

In truth making money on the web doesn’t come easy. If it’s a quick buck you want to make, writing stuff online for ones self probably comes closer to last place than anything else. It takes many years before you’ll be close to full-time job status in the US. It’s possible to write stuff online as a freelancer for established publications or for yourself and make a living out of it if you’re willing to put in the work. Lots of it, for the vast majority who try.

Now with all that being understood:

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Mathew, the founder and owner of ConsumingTech, works 7 days a week and 365 days a year trying to keep up with demand and making sure that the topics that need to be covered are covered. Globalization has had more of a negative impact than a positive one so far—yes, there is additional traffic but the number of additional publications that are created by people situated in weaker economies has meant making enough revenue has been difficult as more and more traffic goes to overseas publications who each want to fight for the same traffic and subscribers. Sometimes this results in a lot of unjustified zombie companies in western nations even though they’re the ones who rightfully deserve to exist when based on merit. If you’re an Australian yourself and you want to see local companies survive, Mathew would really appreciate it if you became a subscriber and joined 20,000+ people getting the latest computer software-related content directly to your inbox as well as help ConsumingTech gain some more exposure.

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