Since Sprint keep their information locked before username and passwords you won’t manage to view the results page here telling us about the newfangled software update. Nevertheless, I’m ready to tell you everything about it since I’ve had access. The aforementioned phone carrier network across the United States is rolling out a fresh Android 4.4.2 KitKat update with the build number of NJ1. It’s an outlandish name given since we normally come to expect long-tail codes.

The new NJ1 software update comes with International Wi-Fi Calling, Google security patches and an innovative HD Voice Icon. All that on top of the usual bug fixes behind the scenes that we do not notice unless suffering from the symptoms from the previous builds. if you are suffering from bugs it’s always a great idea to jump up and install the latest software release since it likely carriers the fix for you.

Mega 6.3

We know the Mega 6.3 running 4.4.4 KitKat on other carriers such as T-Mobile. It’s as shame one network is ahead of another when talking about the same device. However, Sprint users should not fret since we know there’s no weight to the 4.4.4 build other than bug fixes and minor tweaks and improvements anyway.

Google are releasing Android 5.0 Lollipop this November. In just a few weeks time we’ll see the first Nexus 6 smartphone running this years giant software release with more features than we’ve seen since the original Gingerbread all those years ago. There’s no talk about the Samsung Galaxy Mega receiving any Lollipop love during 2015 so far so we advise that owners make the most out of every incremental update that fins coming in as a notification.

As I previously mentioned, people will find the notification coming in automatically and alerting them when the software update is ready for installation. We advise using a home WiFi connection to avoid mobile data traffic and instability with the connection. Furthermore, if you wish to put the note on hold you can stopover at Settings > About Device > Software Updates > Check for Updates and start the installation manually that way.

We know previous 4.4.2 KitKat builds come with white status icons in the status bar to better suit the KitKat theme, wireless printing, new Emoji, full screen movie art from the lock screen, immersive mode and more. Sammy will include some minor tweaks to their native applications that will set this installment apart from any other.

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