If you are a smartphone user and coming of age, one of the most valuable application you can install on your mobile device is some sort of accounts manager. It’s one thing to have a bundle of different Sony native bloatware on your device. However, the amount of use quickly dwindles as people have to continually sign in with different log in details or a bunch of different user accounts. That’s where the accounts manager steps in and helps to take away much of the burden from using too many applications with passwords.

As you are probably well aware, Android 5.0 Lollipop is slowly rolling out to many Android smartphones and tablets. Sadly, Sony didn’t get first shot or even close to first and installing the latest version of Android on their devices. Even the Sony Xperia Z2 is still left without Lollipop of any sort, although we do know the release is imminent.

Sony Account manager log in Lollipop

Android 5.0 Lollipop comes with many new features including screen pinning, Android Beam, Android RunTime taking over from the old Dalvik system, a new Easter Egg like Flappy Bird, camera updates, new Google security, tap and go NFC payments, but the most important update is coming with material design. The material design user interface is a new idea from Google which came about during the 2014 Google I/O event during June. The idea is to create a design element that’s constantly evolving with time and enhancing with visuals on the screen without making any changes to the screen resolution.

So far the material idea elements are a huge hit and some applications look greater than other. The official Sony Accounts Manager app from the Google Play Store is another app which has a new update available to version 2.3.5. The new iteration comes with the material design upgrade so you’ll see those elements coming to life after installing the new version.

Download the Sony Account Manager v2.3.5 here from Google Play.

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