The Sony Sticker application and APK file can now be anytime downloaded to your Xperia-based device. The new app came out during late September with version 1.0.4. That same version still runs directly from Google Play today and that’s the version we have here. Sony loves making native apps that are suited for their own devices and not for any other such as iPhone, HTC or Samsung. The Sticker Creator is another service that will persuade you to go with the Japanese phone-makers direction instead of any other.

With the aforementioned application, users can use the viewfinder with your existing pictures you’ve previously taken, cut portions out and stick them together on different pictures. If you enjoy art and being creative you’ll surly enjoy making your own edits.

Sticker Creator

You must have an Android operating system running version 4.2 Jelly Bean and up for this to work. You can check the software version by turning the smartphone or tablet on, stopping over at the Settings followed by About Device menu.  Furthermore, you must use the Sony Smart camera app for the Sticker Creator to work.

I’ve used the sticker app myself and I can share that it works seamlessly. There are some reports of people suffering from minor bugs. A man in the comments says it turns upside down after clicking pictures. As usual, most come with small bugs that are ironed out eventually. Expect another release soon. You can still download this version and it’ll prompt you when another arrives. Those who prefer airing on the side of caution can back up the existing market apps by installing Helium from the same.

Please let us know in the comments if you are running the latest iteration and what you think. Do you have ideas for improvement? Was it everything you expected?

Download the APK file from here or visit Google Play for the official app from here.