Sony Live debuted with a breath of fresh air last year when it gave people the opportunity to show live feeds of what the camera is seeing. Until now, we could only video record and send that recording after we finished. That does not result in real-time vision of what the smartphone is seeing.

The sophisticated Sony application is seeing a new update to Social Live 1.0.23 as we speak, and offers users several minor bug fixes and improvements. Apart from that there’s no new features or anything worth raving about.

Social Live


The app is part of the ‘Social Suit’ that includes superior auto, manual, AR effect, Info-eye, picture effect and sweep panorama in addition to the ‘live’ one we are talking about here today.

Download the updated app from the Google Play store here or find the manual file from Google Docs here.

The new ‘Live’ feature came with the Xperia Z1 smartphone and is on display during the video below. We covered the Z1 extensively, but never was the new camera feature talked about. In our opinion it’s an underrated upgrade that deserves more exposure. Nobody wants to have to sign into one of their messenger services to use the webcam. However, FaceTime is a popular alternative that offers much of the same.