Sony is issuing another staged roll out for owners of the Xperia M2 D2303 and the M2 Aqua D2403 that will see a fresher version of the popular Android 4.4.2 KitKat. We know 4.4.2 already for giving us many fantastic features including wireless printing, new color emoji, updates to the landscape keyboard, full screen album and movie art from the lock screen, transparent status and navigation bars plus a great deal more. The new iteration we are talking about here is coming with further bug fixes to enhance the overall OS.

The innovative M2 started off with Android 4.3 jelly bean out of the box. Since then owners set up 4.4 KitKat and the later 4.4.2. The Aqua, however, started on the chocolate software and hasn’t seen much love since the beginning. After coming out in August of 2014, the Aqua will continue to establish new software updates and hopefully find Android L coming over the air soon enough.

M2 Aqua

The new iteration comes soon after the 18.3.C.0.39 that is finding its way OTA as a notification to many still. Remember to always install the firmware updates using a stable home WiFi connection to keep away from data traffic. Excessive traffic means a less stable connection which in turn makes us more prone to requiring a factory reset. If that happens there’s a chance you will lose all data that is not saved. You should understand that backing up all data is important for that reason. None of that is required yet, however, as we are only in the certification stages thanks to the PTCRB website.

Many owners of the first generation ‘M’ handset are left underwhelmed with the lack of updates coming their way. We fear the same yet again could happen to the second generation handset, we have here since Sony love to push out devices fast and not stretch support for long periods.

Users can navigate to Settings > About Device > Software updates and check if the update is ready for installation that way at any time.

Are you running the latest edition of chocolate firmware? If so, leave a comment and tell us what you are experiencing. Are you finding relief from the bugs you were experiencing previously?

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