When we shop around for a new TV, we always expect a certain amount of technological advancements coming into play from the previous one that we owned. This usually means, if nothing else, a better looking and more modern device. For some reason, that hasn’t been the case for TV remote controls to this day. In fact, there has been really very little change since they first came out. Sure, one might be slightly blacker than the next, but all-in-all they’ve always been plastic, fairly chunky and ugly things we try to hide around the room when possible – without losing it of course.

Now, it’s too early to tell if this next idea will stand the test of time, after all, we have seen similar features come and go over the years. Mainly due to the fact that something else comes out making it obsolete. The idea I’m talking about is transmitting infrared signals so that you can use your mobile phone as the remote control.

This idea, believe it or not, was already made available for a few smart phones today. The latest being the Samsung Galaxy S4. With the help of a trusty app, you can bring up an advanced guide (with pictures), which then allows you to simply click on the tile, and the show will come up on the TV screen. See image below:

The problem with this kind of thing is the average user around the world might normally spend about 30 seconds scratching their heads, before deciding to pick up the old trusty remote again; they know how it works, they’re familiar with it, and they’re ready to sacrifice that black piece of plastic on the coffee table a bit longer. That isn’t the case this time, however, as it really is quite simple to use. And with the growing older population becoming more and more familiar with Smartphones as time goes by, it’s only a matter of time before an idea such as this, finally sticks.

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