The ZTE Blade Apex 2 smartphone is pretty hot right off the shelf, but it gets way hotter with root access and the internal system unchained. Anyone familiar with Windows and OS X running on a computer will know what it’s like having full administrator rights over the operating system. They might also know how frustrating it is not having the full system wide access. With Android, your device comes to you with a locked operating system, meaning you do not have full control or admin access. However, once you root the device, it does give you full system access. The administrator permission on Android allow you to install more apps which can tweak your system, install a custom recovery, custom ROM, new kernel and loads more.

You can now get access to the root file system on your ZTE Blade Apex 2 smartphone by using a universal one-click rooting application known to the world as KingRoot.

ZTE Blade Apex 2

Files You Need

  1. Download the KingRoot APK for the ZTE Blade Apex 2 device from this page.
  2. You do not need to unlock the bootloader before you root with the KingRoot app. It is intended as more of a soft root which allows you to start installing the root-requiring apps from the Google Play Store. Anyone wanting to install a custom recovery after this guide will need to unlock the bootloader first.

Rooting the ZTE Blade Apex 2 P892E10 On Android 4.4.2

  1. Download the KingRoot one click rooting tool directly to the web browse on your device. Alternatively, you can download the KingRoot file to the desktop of the computer and copy it over to the SD card. Installing the file from the SD card requires you to have a File Manager.
  2. Tap and open the KingRoot application from your Apex 2’s app draw.
  3. Tap on the bold button you can see from the main page that suggest rooting your Apex 2 device.
  4. Wait until the progress bar on your Apex 2 device’s display makes it all the way to 100 percent.
  5. Close the application and reboot your Apex 2 before you start installing your root applications from the Google Play Store and other third-party sources online.

In conclusion, that’s all you need to root the ZTE Apex 2 P892E10 running on the Android 4.4.2 KitKat software update. It is impossible to harm your device using the universal one click rooting application in this guide, so you can always give it a try on future software update if your Apex 2 is ever updated to something newer than Android 4.4.2 KitKat.