Thanks to the talented team at XDA Developers, We can now successfully turn the S-off (which removes the security flag). The ClockworkMod recovery is a custom recovery image that’s the most popular in the world of its kind. There are only two different recovery images that are not stock that rule most of the world. The other one is Team Win’s TWRP recovery.

A custom recovery system does much more than it’s stock sister that comes automatically with all Android smartphones and tablets. Inside the custom version, we can wipe the data before flashing future custom ROMS, perform a factory reset if we get stuck and need help, plus flash firmware and more. We’ll show you how to install ClockworkMod and open up the Aria system internal with root access after the jump.

HTC Aria

Details of Note

  • You will also need to have USB debugging mode enabled in order to complete this guide. This helps to connect your Android phone with the PC. You do that by turning on the Aria, navigating to the Settings > Developer Options and ticking the box that says USB Debugging. Now when you navigate out of there, it automatically remembers the Debugging option.
  • We hope you backup your Aria before starting the guide. You shouldn’t lose data by rooting on Android 2.2.2 the software update, but if you need to apply the factory reset, you will lose the data. There are heaps of third-party applications from the Google Play store to help such as Helium for Android.
  • You should know that applying the steps after the jump will void the warranty. That’s only if your Aria has some warranty left. Since it’s getting older now, HTC probably doesn’t offer an extended warranty anymore.


You must Install drivers for your Windows PC. If you don’t have them already you can follow this quick guide:

Download the following file:

  • Required Files HERE

Connect your device to your PC via the USB cable and install standard drivers.

In order to get the appropriate drivers, Install HTC Sync

  1. Then install the H Boot Driver
  2. Switch off your device
  3. Reboot into bootloader, to achieve this press and hold ‘Volume Down’ + ‘Power’buttons
  4. After approximately 20 seconds you should see SD Card diagnostic
  5. Plug in the data cable (you will get a pop-up advising Window driver didn’t install properly, this is normal)
  6. Update the Driver to Android 1.0 from within  your Device Manager
  7. Click on the following

Browse Computer for Driver’

Then open

Android USB Driver’

Select ‘Yes

How To S-Off And Root HTC Aria 2.2.2

How to S-Off

1. If you are not currently using 2.2.2 you can download the ROM from HERE

2. Turn USB Debugging on, to achieve this go to ‘Applications’ > ‘Development’.

3. Head to the Revolutionary site (HERE). From here select the ‘Download For Windows’ option. (you will receive a pop-up with an information form to fill out, you need to fill this out but not just yet, minimise it)

4.Download the file and save it somewhere easy to locate such as your desktop (Keep it open).

5. Connect your device to your PC via the USB cable and then run the program you downloaded in step 4 (Alpharevx.exe).

6. It will provide you with a personal serial number which will be located right after“Enter Beta Key [Serial:########]”

7. Now you need to fill in the form that popped up before,  it will ask you for the personal serial number from the Apharevx program (it is case-sensitive) as well as some other person information.

8. Once you have completed the form, click ‘Generate Key’, you will need to copy the beta key to Apharevx and hit enter.

You now have S-Off. If it hasn’t worked, double-check your serial numbers, beta keys and make sure you note they are case-sensitive.

How to Install ClockworkMod Recovery on the HTC Aria

1. First off, download one of the following:

  • CWM Off-Mode HERE

2. Download the Android Flasher:

  • Android Flasher HERE

3. You will need to extract the ClockworkMod you downloaded in step 1 to a folder.

4. Using your USB cable, connect your device to your PC then you can run the Android Flasher that you downloaded in step 2.

5. Ensure you check the box marked ‘Recovery’, once you have done this press ‘Begin’.

6. Now, select the ‘Recovery.img’ folder from within the ClockworkMod Recovery folder you extracted the zip to in step 3. Click ‘Open’.

7. Let Recovery do its thing, once it has finished your device will boot into recovery.

How to Root the HTC Aria on Android 2.2.2

At this stage you can choose whether you want to install a Custom ROM (Liberated, Cyanogenmod, ect.) or, if you made a Nandroid backup beforehand, you can simply restore this from CWM recovery.

For those of you who are happy to simply add SU to Stock 2.2.2 ROM you can follow the steps below:

1. Download the following:

  • SU 3.0.6 Signed (newer) HERE


  • SU (older) HERE

2. Once downloaded you will need to ensure your device is connected to your PC via USB. Then copy the to your devices SD card.

3. Boot your device into CWM Recovery then select:

Install Zip File from SD’ > ‘Choose Zip File’ > ‘’ (file transferred to SD card in step 2) > ‘Confirm’.

4. Once done, reboot your device.

Now that you have finished the steps you can head to the Google Play Store and download the root checker application.

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