Those of you considering a custom recovery to go with your rooted Samsung Galaxy A7 smartphone should probably consider installing the NANDroid Manager application. The NANDroid manager app is the perfect compliment to your NANDroid Backup button coming to your from popular custom recoveries such as Team Win’s TWRP Recovery. With the NANDroid Manager, we can choose to interact with the backups you took earlier from your recovery and restore certain parts of them at a time instead of the entire backup at once. The NANDroid Manager also lets you flash a new recovery if you need it on your device.

These are the guidelines to root the Samsung Galaxy A7 smartphone with the SM-A700FD model number so you can start installing root applications like the NANDroid Manager among others.

Samsung Galaxy A7

Files You Need

  1. Download the updated CF-Auto-Root package for the Galaxy A7 on Android 5.0.2 from here.
  2. Note that you should find the Odin flashing tool is in your rooting file and will end up on your destroy after you extract the CF-Auto-Root package to the desktop of your computer.

Rooting the Samsung Galaxy A7 A700FD On Android 5.0.2 XXU1BOE6

  1. Enable the USB Debugging Mode on the Samsung Galaxy A7 smartphone.
  2. Extract the A7’s rooting package on the desktop of the computer.
  3. Right-click on the Odin executable file that is now on the desktop.
  4. Choose to run the Odin application as an administrator from the menu.
  5. Wait for the Odin user interface to open on the desktop or open it yourself if yours doesn’t open.
  6. Don’t make any changes from the user interface of the Odin flashing application.
  7. Press the Power button until you get a men popping up on the display and choose to Power off the device from that menu.
  8. Reboot the Samsung Galaxy A7 smartphone holding the hardware button combination for download mode.
  9. Connect the Samsung Galaxy A7 smartphone to the computer with the USB cable.
  10. Wait for a few seconds and then look out for a blue or yellow ID: COM port box available from the Odin user interface on the computer. People without a light in the box will need to install the Windows universal ADB driver and start again.
  11. Click the AP button from the Odin user interface and browse the desktop location for the A7’s rooting file that is ending in the tar.md5 extension.
  12. Click the Start button and wait until it says on the A7’s display that it is installing the SuperSU, cleaning up the cache partition and then re-flashing the stock recovery.
  13. Look at the user interface available from the Odin flashing application on the computer.

In conclusion, that’s how to root the Samsung Galaxy A7 smartphone with the SM-A700FD model number running on the Android 5.0.2 Lollipop software update. Any Galaxy A7 smartphone that does not make it into recovery mode after the flashing will need to be manually booted into recovery mode instead. No recovery mode means no root access according to the developer.

Anyone who has seen the Samsung Galaxy A7 smartphone boot into recovery mode and did get the drivers working so it could connect to the Odin flashing tool should try installing a new Odin version if they cannot get the device rooted. There are a few different versions of the Odin application and sometimes some of those versions work for a device and some don’t.

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