Evleaks have a new HTC Android Wear smartwatch handed to them and in good faith they have concealed enough of the evidence so the source doesn’t get in trouble and lose their job. As the story goes, the skin is put onto of what we all know to be Android Wear operating system but the hardware is completely ‘faithful’.

The writer or person behind the website shows us as much as we can see while still doing the right thing that was asked of them and covering up certain aspects. In short, the entire picture is a re-print and not real. However, we are relying on Evleaks being the artist and having looked at the real thing that was given to them by a source.

HTC Smart

HTC has long been rumored as entering the smartwatch race. If we go back to last year in 2013 we knew of their plans around the same time we knew of Apple’s. We expect the iPhone 6 coming out in September and there’s every chance they release the iWatch to coincide with the launch of the smartphone given that we expect them to go hand in hand with each other.

Moreover, the report suggests that the band and the outer shell are all identical to the real image. The shape will also be an exact replica. In terms of specs we didn’t receive any information to go along with the picture so you’ll have to wait for that.

If true, the HTC entry will compete against the second generation Samsung Galaxy Gear and the Motorola Moto 360 that boasts more of a round shape that is proving very popular thus far.

The display shows interesting information such as how long to get to work, what the traffic conditions are like, the time and date, the weather and max expected temperature. Furthermore, it displays a message from a made up character named Peter Chou. Even though it is a fake skin it’s still handy information for skeptics to view because many people are still struggling to think up reasons why buy a smartwtach. For me they are definitely more than a gimmick.

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