The PTCRB are applying the finishing touches for certifying a new software update for the Sony Xperia E1. The new iteration comes with the build number of 20.1.A.2.14. The two model numbers are D2005 and D2004. We are sure it’s a minor update to the operating system; therefore don’t expect this as the Android 5.0 Lollipop. In fact, we are not sure whether the E1 is making the Lollipop list at all. The best chance for the Android 5.0 experience might be through a custom ROM, similarly to the nAOSProm custom ROM for Xperia S.

As you presumably know, just because it’s certified doesn’t mean it going to see the light of day. Firmware get’s certification from the same United States website regularly. However, we think there’s a great chance it does arrive.

Xperia E1

The new firmware may start rolling out over the air to devices notification panels in the coming weeks. Alternatively, it may come as a Sony PC Companion only download. If you have any news on the build arriving for you, please leave comments updating us that it’s out in the wild. Furthermore, we are always interested in what changes you notice. Are you seeing any new features, bug fixes or just stability and security improvements? These are just a few questions we love readers answering with firmware.

When you do see the notification, you can select “download” and “install now” from the menu. Remember to use the home WiFi network if you have one available and avoid the mobile data. Mobile data comes with high traffic from others installing the same update as you. Furthermore, you’ll skip the unwanted data charges. We’ll keep posting on any more E1 firmware news!