If you are the owners of the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, iPhone 5, iPhone 4, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad or iPod touch Apple devices, you should start running any version of iOS 8 so you can jailbreak the same from Mac OS X. The tool that’s allowing you to open up away from the default factory restrictions on your Apple device is called PP Jailbreak.

A quick Google search will ping back tons of results with Asian writing. That’s because this is another tool coming out of that region–similar to what we found with the earlier Pangu jailbreak which caused a stir with many well-known hackers. The appealing part of making deals with China is they offer great money for those willing to install the Chinese version of Cydia. The downside for users is that same a store is filled with corruption, potentially harmful files and threats that don’t keep your data safe.

PP Jailbreak

Before starting the guide I’m going to run you through a list of the essentials which should help preparing you for everything you need, what the risks are involved and everything else.

  • You automatically void the rest of the device manufacturer’s warranty by applying the guide to your device. You will gain the same privileges back again by fleshing the official stock iOS firmware through iTunes.
  • We do not recommend you accept future over the air (OTA) notifications with a jailbroken device. Instead, you should flash the firmware manually by connecting the phone to the computer and updating through iTunes.
  • Do not risk losing the data on your device. Backup with iCloud or iTunes. Both work fine. It just depends on which you prefer using. We recommend using iTunes if you don’t have much experience with using the cloud or backing up data. The iTunes account will automatically sync the device to the account. That way all you have to do is reconnect the same device to the computer through iTunes and you can find your phone contacts, music, pictures video and settings.
  • You must have an Apple Mac computer running Mac OS X 10.7 and up.
  • Temporarily disable the “find my iPhone” app if you have it running, and any password protection for unlocking the home screen.
  • The following should only be applied for experienced Apple users who are familiar with customizing their devices. You can brick the device if you don’t do things correctly.

How to jailbreak iOS 8 through to IOS 8.1.2 with PP jailbreak

  1. Download the PP jailbreaking tool from here.
  2. Look at the bottom left side of the main blue screen that comes up on the computer display. You’ll notice a small box with a tick in the field.
  3. That box is accepting the Chinese app store which you want to avoid for malware and other infections.
  4. Untick the small box from the main screen.
  5. The big button in the middle of the screen with round corners is the button to start the jailbreak.
  6. Click the button and go ahead to the following screen which has two buttons. Since it’s still in another language we cannot read the writing.
  7. Click the button on the right side of the screen. Do not click the left button.
  8. The jailbreaking tool is now unlocking the device away from the default restrictions put in place by the OEM.
  9. Wait a few minutes and it’s done. You’ll see the screen changing and letting you know it’s finished.
  10. Disconnected the device safely from the computer and enjoy Cydia.

If you have kept up with Android lately, you might know the latest Android software that’s called Lollipop. Well, you can get a new tweak from the Cydia store which gives the iPhone a Lollipop-style navigation bar. Want to give it a try? Click here for the Alternate Controls tweak.

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