If you’re using the Microsoft Edge web browser, you can open webpages with the older Internet Explorer 11 still directly from the same window.

Microsoft Edge is the newest web browser from Microsoft, which was designed to take over from Internet Explorer and be more compatible with the modern Web. Internet Explorer 11 (or what is sometimes abbreviated to IE 11) is the last version of Internet Explorer before Microsoft started developing Edge and is still available to use in Windows 10 even though Microsoft showcases Edge from the taskbar.

There still might come a time, however, where you’re browsing a website using Edge and it doesn’t do what it might have done if you were to have opened it with Internet Explorer. That’s one of the reasons why you might one day find yourself wishing you had open a webpage in IE when you’re using Edge.

This tutorial demonstrates how to open an Internet Explorer webpage when you’re using Microsoft Edge.

How to Open Website in Microsoft Edge with Internet Explorer

Update: Microsoft has since removed the option to open Internet Explorer 11 from the More tools link.

Browse the webpage in Microsoft Edge, and then click on the “More” icon (three dotted icon) in the top right corner and hover the cursor over “More tools” and then click on the “Open with Internet Explorer” link from the sub menu.

The Internet Explorer web browser now opens with the same webpage you were viewing in Edge.

That’s all.

(This article was last updated on September 27, 2021.)