Nu Holdings on 1/14/2022Most stocks have bounced lately, but Nu Holdings hasn’t moved much. According to the charts, it’s also a time when there is likely limited downside for the stock. What’s more, the trendlines for Nu Holdings are soon to converge and begin a new pattern with a positive outlook — a contrast to other stocks like Xpeng at the moment. Not nearly all stocks have this positive outlook ahead, which could signal now is not the time to buy this market bounce unless you have chosen wisely. If you feel the need to put some money in the market, Nu Holdings is one of my favorite stocks today.

Nu Holdings has a 16.59B market cap and a 4.17 price-to-sales ratio. The short float is 3.32%, and the expected growth next year is 285.71%. Insider ownership has risen 8.84% and has a 43.27. While that RSI doesn’t suggest it is great value, the reason it is so high is that it hasn’t been making new lows for eight months now.

I’m a big believer in Latin America long term. The region has rich natural resources and hasn’t met its potential so far for numerous reasons: sabotage, corruption, a lack of technology, et cetera. Nu Holdings is my only bank stock. And I will be watching it long-term and trading it when it looks like good value. Today is one of those times.

Image credit: FinViz