The Asha series are the babies in the Nokia range in terms of specs, features and price, but they do still have a faithful following of fans that are sure to be interested in jumping up a notch to the latest edition instead of staying on the old. There’s good reason for that this time around too, because the new handsets look the best in the Asha range we have seen yet.

Many people were expecting a possible break up and an Asha series to die after Microsoft had announced the acquisition of Nokia, however, we can confirm that Microsoft does plan on keeping the series alive, even after Nokia becomes theirs.

Today the specs for the Asha 502 and 503 were leaked. These come to us again from the same Chinese guys that leaked out the price for the Lumia 1520.

According to the site, there will be 3.2 inch displays, a 3G connection to go along with a WiFi option. A 5 mega pixel camera, which is more than the One max mind you, and an LED flash.

Here is where it gets slightly confusing: this is for the 503 phones, but the experts are calling the same specs on the 502. We’ll take their word for it for now. There is word that the 502 won’t have the 3G connectivity, but that’s about it.