Back before times when Nico and Lewis were feuding Rosberg could be seen smiling around the track taking “selfies” with his HTC One M8 at Barcelona.

It’s not often we get to see up close what smartphone some of our favorite athletes use in real life. Most of the time all the insight we see is sponsor related and we don’t genuinely know how our favorite sports stars feel about a brand. It is one of the rare occasions we get a good insight. if you are a Nico fan then you might be interested in equipping yourself with the same.


It can be hard to spot this difference between the first generation M7 and M8 just from a shot like this but by judging the physical display size my guess is that it is the second generation “All New One.” That means that the son of F1 legend Keke is likely to be an avid HTC flagship fan because it has only been out for a few months at best.

With the gloves, officially off after the Monaco Grand Prix between him and teammate Lewis Hamilton I don’t think we will see Nico around the paddock looking this happy for the rest of the season. With tensions high and it being a neck and neck battle to the finish line I’m predicting valuable time like this to be a thing of the past and his mind to be solely focused on trying to win his first F1 championship.

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