The PTCRB are signing off on another Android kitKat firmware release for an Xperia device, this time the Xperia Z2. The build number is 17.1.2.A.0.323 and will begin rolling out over the air to selected smartphones shortly.

From all reports, this is not the Android 4.4.4 many users are waiting for, but rather a minor update that focuses on fixing bugs and security breaches. There’s currently no word on when to expect the last part of Kitkat before we head into Android L territory. However, we are expecting it to come soon. The only downfall is that these smaller installments tend to knock back what would have been the original estimated time frame further.

Sony Xperia Z2

Correspondingly, so far we have witnessed many goodies with the chocolate software, including cloud printing, white status bar icons, transparent status and navigation bars and the new immersive mode that displays applications full screen without the status bar in the way. In addition, we’ve noticed the full screen album and movie art available from the lock screen, the camera app on the lock screen, color Emoji support, updated native Sony apps and more.

Don’t expect anything major until we jump up to Android 4.5 software soon.

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