The Sony Xperia Z2 smartphone came only 6 months after the original Z1 and was announced in February this year. Since then it has received no notable upgrades since being unboxed with the Android 4.4.2 KitKat. It is still holding firm with the same numbers because we know the Android 4.4.3 isn’t out yet for anything although rumors are strongly suggesting it will be out very soon with the nexus devices that Google loves looking after. The new firmware namely 17.1.1.A.0.402 is also coming to the Z2 tablet, one of the most highly coveted tablets in its class. However, unlike its smartphone counterpart, the tablet started off with Android 4.4 so this will be a bigger jump up in builds for the tablet owners.

Sony Xperia Z2 tablet

The new software is starting as an OTA release and if you are new to the Android ecosystem let me run through how to find out if it has arrived for you already. Before we do, keep in mind that these roll out in stages to everybody who owns the devices in Germany and other parts of Europe. It is also making its way to users in Singapore. That is all the folks we know so far, however, there could be more as it keeps popping up in more places and people report it in to websites.

Turn the device on and press your hand on the settings icon that is located in the app drawer. Scroll down to where it says About Phone. Tap where it says software update or system update and the next screen again will say check for updates. Tap it once again and it will check if it’s there. because there is no changelog issued yet, we cannot advice one way or the other for how to go about updating from the home WiFi or whether doing it on the mobile data is a good options.

Some blogs are reporting this to be a big update with but yet not reporting on any new features. From what we can read it is mainly about system stability with a better UI experience that was freezing for some owners. There will also be many other bugs that have been fixed. These typically aren’t things that translate into huge MB worth of download. However, because we don’t know yet we do advise to download over the home account instead and save your mobile data just in case. You will see the size of the file when it arrives at you over the air. Please report back with the size that you find in the comments so we can share the news with everybody else who owns these devices.

Today, the Android 4.4.3 rumor mill grew when the build appeared on the Samsung Developers website for the Galaxy S5 prime. There’s a couple of things to note with that news. Firstly, our idea that the Galaxy F was the S5 prime is likely shut down and it looks as though Sammy were cheeky enough to stooge everyone who just bought the S5 in the last few months. The original S5 was only announced on the 24th of February and released on the 27th of March. Secondly, we know it is coming soon and not just on Nexus. What we are witnessing here is typical fashion firmware where it will roll to the flagships before spreading to the rest. With that in mind, be prepared for a much bigger update coming to the Z2 very soon.


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