I want to be taken to the nearest gas station to me that is open. Please show me where the nearest gas station to me is on my smartphone. Resolution:

The Google Maps app is the best way to find the gas station nearest to you. Though Google owns Android, Google Maps is available for both Android and iOS smartphone operating systems.

The following tutorial demonstrates how to find the nearest gas station using Google Maps. You can then use the same tutorial to find out the nearest gas stations to you that are open as well if you like.

How to Find Nearest Gas Station Near Me

Here is how you can locate the nearest gas station near me on Android:

Open the Google Maps app that comes preinstalled on your smartphone. When Google Maps open, you will see categories at the top of the screen. Swipe sideways until you get to the end of the categories and press on the three-dotted More tag.

Google Maps: New York

Find Gas or Petrol from the extra categories and press on it. Google may automatically update this terminology depending on where you are located in the world.

Google Maps: More categories > Petrol/Gas

Google Maps will return the results that show all gas stations in your area. If you’re in a place like New York, this can mean a lot of gas stations show up, many of which may be closed. You can narrow your next search to only show the gas stations that are open next by adding a filter if you like.

Google Maps: All gas stations open in Brooklyn, New York

Select the Open now filter and then press Apply button at the bottom of the same screen.

Google Maps: Filter gas stations to show only open now gas stations

Google Maps will now show you only the gas stations that are open in your area.

Google Maps: Only showing open gas stations in the area

You have now found the nearest gas station to you that’s open.

I hope that helps!

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