Whilst many places in the world, including my very own Australia, awaits for a buttered down version of the Moto X, Motorola is currently in the process of shipping out 100,00 units in the Americas. This amount of mobiles will continue to be shipped every single week for the coming months ahead. The eventual “stop date” is not yet known, possibly because Motorola doesn’t yet know the date themselves.

The eventual number will have to factor in how many phone units have been ordered already by customers. Customers have been able to pre-order the smart phones for several weeks now. Figures of what the number of units ordered was not made public at this point in time.

The Moto x is, of course, the new mobile from Google and Motorola that allows people to customize their phones, including the color of the shell. Google acquired Motorola several months ago and this device will be the memento of their first work together.

“When you set up to ramp a factory you need a plan, and we have shipment targets we need to make with our carrier partners, and where we need to be right now is 100,000 units and that’s where we are.”-Dennis Woodside, CEO, Motorola

It is expected that other parts of the world will have to wait longer before their version of the Moto X becomes available. It has been reported that it will be sold under a different name, and also likely to have less features.

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