Thanks to a new EvLeaks website that we didn’t know about, we now know that this year Moto X called + 1 will be sold at 4 phone carriers in the US. The Motorola website already revealed that it would be with AT&T, Sprint, Verizon and there was no mention of T-Mobile for unknown reasons. On the occasion, there can be disagreeances on things that need sorting out before an official agreement is made. That could have been the case here yet again, but it would have been very surprising to see T-mobile left out.

Moto X+1 leak

Last years Moto X was one of my favorite smartphones and I’m not just talking about the mid-range market. No, it managed to win my heart over across all markets including the top-end. It had lots of appeals thrown in for good measure with the Moto Maker store that let customers swap colours and accessories to make their own device look a certain way.

The only bad thing I have to say about it is that the international folk such as my myself missed out on it until later. In fact to start with Motorola announced that it wouldn’t be coming this way at all. It wasn’t until later down the track that they decided to change their minds after first announcing the DVX as the international model that would take its place. If we could skip all that confusion this time around that would be great.

Things are almost certainly coming different this time though because back then Moto was licensed under the Google name who owned them back then. Now Google have sold them off to Lenovo so we will see different management with the second generation Moto+1.

We have heard that the Moto X+1 will cost under $400 in the United States. That’s even cheaper than last years so this one could make even more noise. The original was announced on the 1st of August and later released during the same month on the 23rd of August 2013. We can expect a similar time frame for this year so it will all be happening soon.

Last years original model came with a 4.7-inch display, 720 x 1280 pixel’s screen resolution, Android 4.2.2 jelly Bean out of the box, but has since seen many updates including 4.3, 4.4 Kitkat and the latest 4.4.2. Suffice to say there are no worries in that department. The camera was 10 megapixels, and if we were to tip one of the differences in this years addition it would be that. I’m expecting as many as 13 megapixels this time. The other main difference other than looks of predicting is with the hardware. Last year we saw the Motorola X8 Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro MSM8960 system chip and while it was a good one it will take a step up this year following on from the news that flagships in the second half of 2014 will go up to the Snapdragon 805.

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