It’s what has been and will continue to be a very busy period for Microsoft and tomorrow is no exception. Live from New York, Microsoft invites you to join them and tune into the official Microsoft Surface Lunch event, as well as the Microsoft Windows 8 launch event from New York City.

Of course, just yesterday was the big Apple even across the other side of the country in San Jose, CA. Not wanting to be outdone companies often hold these events at similar times, so the market doesn’t side to the competitor.

Although it failed miserably, Apple did “host” the event with live streaming online. The problem was their servers went down before it even begun, leaving the mega company embarrassed. People who were tuned in were left with a “will be up for a few moments” screen that never came. If you were wise enough to look around the web, you could still find other streams that were up and running like the CNET stream which always manages to do a pretty nice job of staying online. Only thing is you have to listen to the commentary instead of the event for half the time.

Windows Surface Launch Event LIVE Here From New York October 25th

Like Apple, Microsoft too is hosting the event and live streaming it online for all fans to view for free directly from the Microsoft website. The best part about Microsoft launches that Microsoft actually tells you what you will be getting and at exactly what time. The times for the event are as follows: The Windows 8 launch will go from 10 am through to 3 pm with the MS Surface tablet launch beginning at 1:30 pm.

We will be covering the event with all the breaking news and action to come out of the Windows 8 & Surfaces Launch so stay tuned for the updates.

Microsoft LIVE stream event link here