We just finished covering the Carbon ROM which was made by the same team that produced the Liquid Smooth ROM. What is the difference between carbon and Liquid Smooth? There is little to no reason of installing the Liquid Smooth ROM instead of the Carbon ROM> They are essentially the same ROM, only the Carbon ROM is the updated version that has some extra features as well as bug fixes. For that reason we have updated the guide to show the Carbon ROM.

1. Download it from here.

2. Download Google Gapps. You will need to visit the page and click on the right branding. Follow that through to get the Gapps for your device.

3.  Boot the Nexus into recovery mode.

4. Perform all of the usual wipes like the wiping of the dalvic cache, system & normal cache.

5. Navigate back and select to install. Now grab the Carbon ROM file and install it. Do the same thing with the Google Gapps.

6.  Navigate back to the main recovery screen and select reboot system now. Upon reboot, you will now have the new ROM.

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