We now know that AT&T will become the leading carrier in the United States to open the flood gates and offer the LG G Watch after it unveiled during the Google I/O event yesterday. The release date for the AT&T variant is the 7th of July, and we expect some other carrier names to reveal themselves in quick succession as they begin to launch it for their own companies. It’s highly unlikely this stays exclusive to AT&T given we predict its popularity being high as we head into a time when smartwatches are the in thing.

Apparently there’s also a site called Mobile Fun that started offering this watch before the I/O event started, and their price was more around $250. While we know that the option is still there if users prefer it the fact is that we know a cheaper price, so that’s the one we are basing our story on.

Minuum LG G Watch

If you’r mind isn’t yet made up in which direction to shop, there ‘re two main features, you need to take a look at before deciding. The first is the design as Android Wear is bringing in some designs like the Moto 360 that is a lot rounder. Lots of people prefer that style as most watches in the world is indeed round, even for men. The LG brand had taken a liking to the most squarish style similar to what the Galaxy Gear did when it first came out. I personally prefer the square design, and I think it looks better. It also gives a much more digital feel because the round won’t have a digital clock face. The second feature is what it is compatible to use with to collect notifications. There’s no point buying the wrong options that don’t work cohesively with the smartphone you already own or want to own soon. In this case, the Lg G watch is compatible with all mobiles running Android .4.4.3 Kitkat or higher. That does include a long list unless your handset is over a couple of years old. If you need to check go to Settings > About Device > Build number and take a look at what your phone is currently running.

What would a report be without the hardware? Yes, these nifty watches also come with specs given their mobile nature so lets take a look at what is inside the G watch. We know that the G watch has a 1.6-inch screen, 400 mAh batteries, 4 GB of internal storage and 280 x 280 resolution. Summing up its quite impressive to have that much data space to store things. I know of several smartphones that come with that much or less so the Life’s Good company has done an excellent job here. 400 mAh doesn’t sound like a lot in smartphone terms but for a watch it does last for 36 hours brand new. I was anticipating a bit extra in this area because we all know watches as battery devices that we don’t usually change until years pass. I was hoping they eased us into this technology with better battery life, but it looks as though we are going to have to adapt to plugging on our watches a lot more often. It shouldn’t be an enormous compromise because we all do it by now with our phones.

Rounding off the rest of the features includes a quad-core processor and Snapdragon SoC clocked at 787 MHz and 512 MB of RAM. Lots more details are coming to light quickly about this watch, but we already know all there is to know, and we are confident that no other company will beat out AT&T with the release date either. If you’re fascinated in reading more search Google for some vs. guides and compare it with its rivals to see how it stacks up and which you like best. The upside is it does have the Moto 360 is facing delays now, and it isn’t coming until later in the summer.

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