The brand new LG Escape P870 brought to you by AT&T has been revealed by LG. The LG Escape smartphone launch date has been made for September 16. The new Android smartphone comes equipped with Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0. The LG Escape P870 has been made available by At&T in stores as well as online by this date.
The specs make this LG Escape P870 more than just an entry-level smartphone. And for the budget price it has, it is a powerful tool to own. Critics have called it the phone without an identity but I think it’s identity is clear: pack as much power for as small a price as possible.

The downsides with this device are that although it’s powerful, there’s nothing really new or breaking edge about it. In fact, most things inside such as the camera are using fairly old technology now and don’t match up to today’s standards. However like I said before, for the price tag it has it is ahead of the game, so it just depends on what you are shopping for.

If big is what you’re into, then you should like this phone from LG. It’s big, much like the Samsung Galaxy S3 in size and shape.

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