The hit game L.A Noire has made its way to OnLive which is Androids online gaming store that made its way onto the internet last year. Since its release, OnLive has amounted to something special and has quickly proven to be one of the most popular online sources for Android games.

The new L.A Noire games designed specifically for tablets is a touch version of the game. The touch edition of L.A Noire is regarded as being by far the best game to ever be designed for the tablet range according to CEO and Founder Steve Perlman.

If you already have purchased the L.A Noire for OnLive you will automatically get the touch version update coming your way, so don’t worry.

If you haven’t yet tried out the OnLive system go and check it out, you won’t be disappointed. It offers online clouding for just about all of your Android devices and has a great range of games. Games so good the CEO and Founder Steve Perlman says they shouldn’t even be around for the tablets to play with.