Andrew Auernheimer — better known as ‘Weev’ — is a computer programmer and seemingly intelligent guy who describes himself as an internet troll. The only difference is he doesn’t go around dishing out “trolley” comments to everyday people who don’t deserve them. Instead, he aims his criticism at the big corporations and places he sees fit; meaning he feels he is saying what everyone else is too scared to say even though it’s the truth. he even goes so far as to say “congressmen are idiots.”

Andy Auernheimer

For those who don’t know he ended up doing prison time over it and Tech Crunch’s Johnny Biggs, has managed to have a sit down interview within about the ordeal and the greater scheme of things. It is an interesting interview that has opened up my mind a bit too American governments and them being not as innocent as I originally would have liked to believe. It’s always one thing to listen to somebody you don’t have a lot of respect for both on an intellectual level and human level talk badly about certain injustices in this world particularity from the United States. But when you have one of your own being treated in such a way it can be a real eye-opener.

Anyhow, it’s not exactly in the genre of mobile, however, we are still classed among the bigger genre of tech and since we all have that brotherhood going I felt some of our readers might be interested in watching the video as much as I did.

After sitting down and watching most of the first season of Silicon valley TV show, I have a new-found respect for one of the biggest tech-news sites in the world in tech Crunch. It is features in many episodes all throughout the show and if you want to see the source of the article you can check up on it here.

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