As with all things Jailbreak, the iPhone Dev-Team are quick off the mark to provide all the latest updates so the rest of us mere mortals are able to have complete freedom on our iDevices.  There is no denying that we are excited about the future release of Apples iOS 6. It is looking to be the most feature packed and incredible release from the company to date. With the new 3D mapping application which also offers navigation, Apple is breaking away from the stock standard Google Maps for their own design.

The newest release, Beta 4, requires Redsn0w v 0.9.13dev3. This is the same version developers were able to use for iOS 6 Beta 3 so it doesn’t involve any new tricks. The Jailbreak is designed for iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch 4th Gen (A4 capable devices). If you’re a developer itching to Jailbreak and explore the iOS 6 Beta 4, continue reading below.

As with all tutorials please back up your device before you begin and proceed at your own risk. ConsumingTech will not take responsibility for any damage to your device or loss of data during the guide.

Step 1. Download the following Redsn0w tool:

Step 2.  Once downloaded, Extract its contents to an easy to locate place such as your desktop.

Step 3. Developers, head to the Dev Centre and download iOS 6 Beta 4. You will need to ensure you pick the one that corresponds with the device you are planning on using during the Jailbreaking process.

Step 4. Once it is downloaded you will need to put it on your device. This can be done through the restore process using either iTunes or Xcode.

Step 5. Select the executable file from Redsn0w and run it. Then, from the main interface, select ‘Extras’ > ‘Select IPSW’.

Step 6. Find the iOS 6 Beta 4 firmware file then select it before hitting ‘Jailbreak’ back on the main interface of Redsn0w.

Step 7. From here you will need to simply follow Redsn0ws on-screen prompts.  You will need to put your device into DFU mode at some stage so be sure to pay attention. And that’s it, your device is Jailbroken.

Step 8. Keep in mind this is tethered-boot. So if you need to restart for any reason you will need to make sure you do so in Jailbroken state.