For those of you who are using the latest iOS firmware and are encountering an issue with the 3G network, we have the guide to show you how to activate 3G network on iOS 6 Beta 1.

With the release of iOS 6 Beta only a couple of short weeks ago we have been bombarded with an array of developers working hard to bring us unlocks, jailbreaks and workarounds to the probationary firmware. The latest fix comes from a developer who goes by the name of CCW and is a member of Xsellize.

The Guide:

Step 1. Using iTunes, do a complete backup of your device. You can also use iBackupBot.

Step 2. Use the JB or you can also backup by using iBackupBot to get access to the file /var/mobile/Library/Preferences/csidata

Step 3. Next, find:

GsmRegistrationModel: fRatSelection

Step 4. Once you have found it you need to change the line into the chosen configuration:

0×0 band only 2G network
0×1 2G/3G selection priority based on fRatPreferred
0×2 band only 3G network

Step 5. Simply reboot your device for this to take effect.

Update: The next iOS Beta 2 brought back the 3G toggle switch. This option lets you enable the 3G network and is the best way to get it working again. Now that this is old news, I wouldn’t try it unless there was a specific reason you didn’t want to upgrade to the newer firmware. It took all of two weeks for Apple to being in another update which tells us that there was a few things that didn’t like and thought needed extra attention. It’s not known why Apple decided not to include this in the first beta stage, but we do know that they did it before in iOS 4 also. It was later put back on in IOS 5. There likely is an underlying issue here that we don’t know about. It’s an important feature that many people feel is necessary.

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