Today was a huge day for Apple and Apple fans around the world. We all knew Apple was hosting an event for what was going to be for the iPad mini, but what most of us didn’t realize was that the event was also for the iPad 4th Gen, new iMac and now also the Mac mini.

The significant feature to be mentioned today is the inclusion of IVY Bridge processors and USB 3.0 for the Mac mini and also the iMac. It’s the same bump up that the Macbooks received earlier with the new processor and all reports from people that have used them so far have been really impressed with the new i5 chip.

Like many things, the USB 3.0 is a bit of a wank factor in today’s day and age because it just isn’t compatible with much else. Similar to when people shop for the latest HD TV’s they don’t realize that while the TV can handle what it says, most the devices you are watching it through cannot. Anyway, it’s a good step in the right direction, and at leats, it now has virtually all Apple products supporting it.

There are lots of different options to go along with this new Mac mini. From various processors to the amount of GIG, RAM, and even CPU usage. For what it’s worth, again a bit of a wank factor because the Mac mini is still using the Intel HD Graphics 4000 which is not sufficient to support any high-end gaming anyway.

You get all the bells and whistles you would expect on the Mac mini including HDMI, Sd card, 4 USB 3.0 ethernet port and also the Thunderbolt port.

The good news about the Mac mini is unlike the other products there is no wait on this one; it goes on sale right away so check it out in your local stores. Even better, there’s no bump up in price from what has been reported which means you get an excellent deal.

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