Sony do an excellent job at providing themes for Xperia devices, and they did create some good work for Android 4.3 Jelly Bean also. However, when it comes to theming it is hard to go past the work of third party developers. When it comes to root on Android or Jailbreak on iOS without question of the most favorite thing to do is change the way the OS looks.

The new Robocop movie came out in 2014, and the film portrays a world set in 2028 and that provides some perfect futuristic looks. It grossed over $58 million in sales and $25 million of that was over the opening weekend. It’s fair to say that since the original in 1987 it were looking a lot better, and I personally found the remake a lot more enjoyable to watch even though it does have its critics. Anyhow, it’s not hard to see why Robocop is so popular on technology smartphones because he is decked out in technology himself.

Xperia Robocop theme

XDA Developers is a famous breeding ground for third party developers to showcase their work that is for custom ROMs that need root first to work. The member alone_in_dark has done a great job at coming up with coming up with a design that many fans of this movie will love to sport on their mobile devices. It is only 3 MB in size so feel free to download this one using the mobile data. A stable WiFi connection is always the preferred method.

If you do not have root access yet then you have not unchained the device so this theme cannot work. We have plenty of guides for root on Xperia handsets on this site if you want to check out root category for the one that suits the handset you are using. If not then you can perpetually go back to Google and type in the firmware version, you are using and the model number for the appropriate guide to come up.

This theme is tested and working for the Sony Xperia M, Xperia E1, Z1, Z, C and m2. Some of the others such as the T3 and Z2 started out running Android 4.4, so we have not tested these yet because we have not downgraded.

The film stars Joel Kinnaman, and he plays the part of Alex Murphy and Robocop. There’s also Gary Oldman, Michael Keaton Abbie Cornish and Jennifer Ehle, who are easy on the eyes although this theme doesn’t show them off much. You can see some of the wallpaper on offer from the pictures I’ve included of Alex all decked out in his armor. Along with the wallpaper you will find new icons, new buttons for turning on and off and check./uncheck icons.

Download the Robocop for Xperia devices running Android 4.3 Jelly Bean APK file here.

If you do not have root already make sure you are very careful and take notes of the prerequisites listed before starting if you are a newbie to the installation process. You will want to enable USB Debugging by visiting the Develop Options and ensure there is up to date USB drivers. Also, backup all important data you don’t want to risk losing. Most Xperia handsets come with external SD cards that offer an excellent way to backup with apps such as helium. The Titanium app from the Google Play store is an excellent alternative to those already working with root.

Source: Gizmobolt

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